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ab na rahe we pinewale…

on December 28, 2011

अपने युग में सबको अनुपम
ज्ञात हुई अपनी हाला,
अपने युग में सबको अद् भुत
ज्ञात हुआ अपना प्याला,
फिर भी वृद्धो से जब पूछा
एक यही उत्तर पाया-
अब न रहे वे पीनेवाले,
अब न रही वह मधुशाला|

The above is an excerpt from Shri Harivanshray Bachchan’s ‘Madhushala’. It depicts the importance of the era to the person in which he lives. We think that now is the best time to live. We love our songs, our trends and styles, our way of living, in short everything. To us, the present time is the best one and we can’t imagine life without some of the things which, now a necessity, were not in even in the list of luxury some time ago. The question arises in our minds that how people lived then, with no TV, no cell, no modern day facilities. How they were able to entertain themselves when their options were limited to the All India Radio and the Doordarshan.  How on earth did they stay in contact without sms and internet.

But but but, this is our thinking, not of those who lived then. When asked, our parents would look somewhere in the horizon and start with “This is nothing. Life was what we lived then”, followed by all the things they did, the fun they had even without our so-called basic necessities (a gift of modern technology), the times that they wished to be back.

Our grandparents would go further back in the time and tell their tales.

So, the thing is no matter whatever or however were the times, people always love their time, the time of their youth, the time when blood gushed through their veins ready to take up any adventure, the stories of their love and break ups and crushes. Person of any generation, when speaking on this topic would always say:
अब न रहे वे पीनेवाले,
अब न रही वह मधुशाला



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