a 'noT sO greAt' m!nD @ woRk..

vanity destroys itself..

The necklace, a novel by Guy de Maupassant. I haven’t read the novel myself but we used to have a chapter in our curriculum. The overview of the story is that Madame Mathilde Loisel  lost a diamond necklace which she had borrowed to go to a ball, at which she being the center of attraction, was quite a success. But that success cost them 10 long years of their life which they spent in paying the debt of around 28,000 francs that they incurred to replace the lost necklace with a similar one, without the knowledge of the owner, a friend of Madame Loisel. One day, after all the debt was paid and Madame Loisel and her husband Charles, leading a very plain life, met that old friend and were really shocked to find out that the necklace was only an imitation and was worth 500 francs.

If only Madame Loisel hadn’t lost the necklace..
If only she had the heart to tell her friend the truth..These were the thoughts I had as a child and now I think:

If only she was humble enough to go to the ball with the things she considered trifle but were her own..
Madame Loisel’s vanity ruined the very best time of not only her life, but her husband’s too.
This story is repeated over and over in most of the ladies’ lives, not entirely but to some degrees. We people suffer and the cause is that we are too vain to introduce the real selves to the world. We try to prove nonsensical things like beauty, fashion-sense, trends to the world but actually we become a showpiece in this showcase world.
Even as I write this, maybe somewhere I myself am going the same way..
Who knows??
Rightly said, vanity destroys itself..
But then who cares..
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A1 rocKsss…. :D

I dedicate this blog to one of the coolest batch, I ever had during my entire academic life…A1 and especially to the creator of the ‘A1 rocKsss…’ phrase, Saavan(sA1, as he liked to address himself, :p).
The batch consisted of a bunch of souls that were interested in doing anything but what the teacher said. Some would choose a corner seat and start following their religion viz. gossip, some would stick their nose to the computer and go on exploring the unending world of THE COMPUTERS (sometimes even without the Internet, lol) and some would just dedicate their full attention to each and every motion of everybody, interpreting them and then having fun from it.
We were always lagging in assignments and tutorials and practical and most of us believed in plagiarism, so we needed just a day or two to finish off all our assignments, which often was an abridged version of the others’ work.
I consider myself really really lucky to have got such a batch during my engineering days, how else could I have got through the tedious and never-ending labs..
A1 really rocked, no no no..

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