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that mysterious ruin..

on February 5, 2014

i was a seven when my father was posted to Allahabad, a holy city known for the union of three rivers (Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati). my school was at a distance of 20 km from where i lived ( being a choosy one and having studied in Army School till then, i preferred Army School rather than going to other nearby schools).  Another school, Kendriya Vidyalaya was at a walking distance from our school. both the schools had time difference of one hour in their schedule. our school started early. we lived in army area and a school bus was provided by army for the people living there. since the schools were distant from where we lived, there used to be just one army bus for both the school children. so we had one hour to spare after school and that, we spent doing everything imaginable. we would emulate the scenes seen in the superhero serials (of course the ones that were humanly possible), ate all kinds of foods that were available near school, did our homework (wow, but that was rare) and yes, the most fascinating part visited the ruins that were in a good number in the vicinity.

we used to find many things here like old fountain pens, boxing gloves and guards (well, there were many but these are the things that i distinctly remember and m not going to write etc. etc.). our driver uncle once along with all the children visited a castle-like ruin  (because we dared not to go there alone). it started with an empty hall like space with a spiral staircase at the dark end of this space. the spiral due to its construction was entirely dark and going upward clockwise (that again added to the dark element at that time rather than enlightening my brain with the fact that they were built particularly in that manner to avoid being seen and so that the defender (right-handed) can fight while moving down. the stairs and a few rooms were the only part of that ruin which i saw; as i was moving past one room, i imagined hearing something and ran down the stairs and sat in the bus all along. what others told me later (which consisted more of their imagination than reality): some of the stone slabs were missing to trick the enemy to fall down in a chamber that was full of crocodiles; driver uncle just missed one such gap; they even heard the crocodiles moving (as if they were rocking themselves to be heard by the group of children walking one storey above them.


it was one such visit to the ruin that made me really fear them. it was this stadium-like building that had a stage and long rows of bench. me and one other girl (she was in VIII standard) went there, jumped and echoed our voices and then finally when we were stepping out of the building, we saw our bus going away. we ran but it was too far for us to catch it.

i was so freaked out and crying was all that my grown-up mind could think of. the other girl suggested we go to the military hospital nearby where there would a bus for our area (thank god she was in VIII standard and knew these things). we went to the hospital and yeaa, a bus was there.

however, someone spotted us missing and our school bus came to the hospital searching for us and we reached home safely. but that was a dreadful hour that i had spent trying to figure out how to reach home.

and that was the end my expedition to the ruins and after that incident, i was always found near the bus.



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