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A regular blogger I am..

on March 19, 2014

Every time  i write a post, i think that now onwards i am going to be regular. i want to write at least 5 posts a week.

and my past history shows exactly the opposite. sometimes i am just flowing with ideas to write and feel like a professional writer and and the other times are like, hmmm.. what should i write??

i have always loved literature, though mostly fiction. i don’t like going for biographies or travelogues or history. novels, stories, drama are all my cup of tea. at the start of every academic year, i would sit with Hindi and English textbooks and read up all the stories, neglecting the poems and essays.

i loved going into the imaginary world of the author and would even spend times pondering over possible other outcomes (mostly for the ones with tragic end) had the characters behaved or acted differently.

poems would also come to my thoughts after they were taught in the school and they were usually like if they had some very good rhyme or a great incident to narrate or simply if i just liked them..

as for my love for writing, the credit goes to the creative writing section of the curriculum. i loved that part and evaluated my writing based on the marks that i got.

here i end my chattering and again decide to write regularly.. 😛


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