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into the paulo coelho’s world..

I read his work ‘The Alchemist’ and my brain stopped working. Generally when I finish a book, my mind is flowing with thoughts and ideas and there are so many things that come and go. But at the end of his book; nope, nothing! The mind went blank, but yes the void contained some vague questions and revelations about life, about dreams, about magic and ultimately about god.

The book is about a young boy who starts a journey based on his dream and how his journey ends with his dream coming to reality and all the immense knowledge that he acquires a midst his journey; journey led by his dream.

Nothing too extraordinary to make your mind dumb but still it did. All credits to the way the story has been told. The dream, the wish to go after that dream, confusion regarding the decision whether to continue with the present life or chase what the heart cherishes the most, the ups and downs of the journey, things lost and things gained during the excursion, the magical omens that guide the boy at every instant, the ultimate light that bestows upon the boy or anyone who has has the guts to follow their dreams and of course about the doer of all things, The Almighty.

If I am to sum up all the above mentioned complex things; dream and then follow it; Do every thing that you have to, cross every hurdle and you would be helped; Ultimately you will live your dream and what else could be better!!

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vanity destroys itself..

The necklace, a novel by Guy de Maupassant. I haven’t read the novel myself but we used to have a chapter in our curriculum. The overview of the story is that Madame Mathilde Loisel  lost a diamond necklace which she had borrowed to go to a ball, at which she being the center of attraction, was quite a success. But that success cost them 10 long years of their life which they spent in paying the debt of around 28,000 francs that they incurred to replace the lost necklace with a similar one, without the knowledge of the owner, a friend of Madame Loisel. One day, after all the debt was paid and Madame Loisel and her husband Charles, leading a very plain life, met that old friend and were really shocked to find out that the necklace was only an imitation and was worth 500 francs.

If only Madame Loisel hadn’t lost the necklace..
If only she had the heart to tell her friend the truth..These were the thoughts I had as a child and now I think:

If only she was humble enough to go to the ball with the things she considered trifle but were her own..
Madame Loisel’s vanity ruined the very best time of not only her life, but her husband’s too.
This story is repeated over and over in most of the ladies’ lives, not entirely but to some degrees. We people suffer and the cause is that we are too vain to introduce the real selves to the world. We try to prove nonsensical things like beauty, fashion-sense, trends to the world but actually we become a showpiece in this showcase world.
Even as I write this, maybe somewhere I myself am going the same way..
Who knows??
Rightly said, vanity destroys itself..
But then who cares..
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ab na rahe we pinewale…

अपने युग में सबको अनुपम
ज्ञात हुई अपनी हाला,
अपने युग में सबको अद् भुत
ज्ञात हुआ अपना प्याला,
फिर भी वृद्धो से जब पूछा
एक यही उत्तर पाया-
अब न रहे वे पीनेवाले,
अब न रही वह मधुशाला|

The above is an excerpt from Shri Harivanshray Bachchan’s ‘Madhushala’. It depicts the importance of the era to the person in which he lives. We think that now is the best time to live. We love our songs, our trends and styles, our way of living, in short everything. To us, the present time is the best one and we can’t imagine life without some of the things which, now a necessity, were not in even in the list of luxury some time ago. The question arises in our minds that how people lived then, with no TV, no cell, no modern day facilities. How they were able to entertain themselves when their options were limited to the All India Radio and the Doordarshan.  How on earth did they stay in contact without sms and internet.

But but but, this is our thinking, not of those who lived then. When asked, our parents would look somewhere in the horizon and start with “This is nothing. Life was what we lived then”, followed by all the things they did, the fun they had even without our so-called basic necessities (a gift of modern technology), the times that they wished to be back.

Our grandparents would go further back in the time and tell their tales.

So, the thing is no matter whatever or however were the times, people always love their time, the time of their youth, the time when blood gushed through their veins ready to take up any adventure, the stories of their love and break ups and crushes. Person of any generation, when speaking on this topic would always say:
अब न रहे वे पीनेवाले,
अब न रही वह मधुशाला


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OSO vs The Secret

‘agar tum kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaho to puri qaaynaat use tumse milane me lag jati’, a dialogue from the blockbuster “Om Shanti Om” which conveys exactly the same message as Drew Heriot’s “The Secret”.
OSO is all about how a junior artist always wishes to become a superstar and believes in his wish. He dies trying to save his love but in his next birth, he gets every single thing that he used to think of and repeat over and over to his friend. the aforementioned dialogue means that if we heartily wish  something, then the whole universe tends to give it to you.
This very concept, we see in The Secret, which is a compilation of revelation of various people including some really big and famous heads, how their life changed when they followed THE SECRET.
All you had to do was to think and think and think about your wish and TADA, you will accomplish that.
So, the thing is what to do, which film to opt.
Well, i would go with OSO. It, at least has some good songs and of course Shahrukh.
What’s your say?
P.S. – Kunal Sir, I am sorry.(if ever you read this)
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