a 'noT sO greAt' m!nD @ woRk..

happy independence day..

Three things in my mind:

First, I was in Junagadh on 13th, 14th and 15th August. Our chief minister Mr. Narendra ModiĀ  was to arrive there for some inauguration purpose and flag hoisting on the Independence Day. And it was, well not surprising but pity to see the entirely changed picture of Junagadh. Roads built, no garbage- clean and green Junagadh, lightings decorating many govt. buildings and roads, all this accompanied by beautiful fireworks. In short Junagadh had become a city which one would start loving.

Second, there is no trace of rains and people are hit by somewhat partial, if not full-fledged draught. Prices are sky high and people are finding it hard to make both ends meet, fulfill the basic necessities, let alone luxuries.

Third, I am not an anti-Modi protagonist criticizing his every move. In fact, I am a big fan and follower of that person. But, was all this grandeur and pomp necessary?? The city is going to go its old way again, garbage accumulating, roads(too strong to survive a single rain) falling apart and all such things that we are generally used to.

The people of Junagadh got their city made beautiful for Independence Day. But was the expenditure worth it, the money, the manpower could have had some much better utilization.

Anyways, better something than nothing..


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‘EVERYBODY’S SOMEBODY, NOBODY’S NOBODY IN DELHI’, quoted this line from the movie NO ONE KILLED JESSICA. Well, the situation goes not just for DELHI but for the whole country.
Anywhere and anytime, either you say “do you know who i am” followed by names of some bigheads or you fail to get your work done. The irony is that 90 percent of the holders of the names mentioned may not have done anything worth mentioning or perhaps anything, let alone worth mentioning. They are the ones with huge money, tiny conscience and a political whip in hand.
Any task form getting an affidavit signed to a property deal, needs to be accompanied by a bundle of notes or names. No need for yet another long lecture on the corruption in India. This is the Indian way and this is the way we live. All I want to know is..
Is there no way out??
If there is, what is it??
And when the ruddy hell will it be trodden upon ??
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