a 'noT sO greAt' m!nD @ woRk..

to hell w!th the mot!vational stuff..

every time i read and try to follow, some book or article intended to uplift your morale, the so called motivational and inspirational stuff, it really helps, if not to lift me up, surely to push me down, distress me to a greater degree.
how come it happens that once some fellow has success under his feet and the whole world behind him that he becomes fearless enough to speak up his follies
and who knows what fraction is revealed because greater the success, bigger are the compromises with one’s conscience.
the world around is enough to make you feel sorry for all your actions and make you feel depressed for what you are NOT..
so why this extra stuff.
they say after break up, wish your love a happy life but practically how many us have the hearts to wish that. a wounded heart can’t think of all the godly deeds you should, but the ones that you don’t follow.
even if you don’t do anything to harm him/her, any cause for their distress brings peace to your mind and this remains a fact no matter how much you deny.
when we are rejected from the jobs that we want to do or from the wishes that we cherish, then who, in this world thinks the crap like ‘doesn’t matter, I’ll keep trying or it surely will lead to success someday’
who is able to stop their tears and get along, without crying themselves to sleep.
all we can think then, is that life is not worth, what the hell are we living for or simply try to seek solace in the virtual world created by the net, the drugs or the wine.
so myself came to the conclusion that its my life, no matter how depressing and dull, it may seem
cuz i don’t know what other elite ones have paid to get there where i admire them, what dreary facts they are hiding, what secrets they are sitting upon.
so to hell with all the stuff that, rather than giving encouragement, discourages me. define my own way to success
try to follow it
if i can’t, which knowing my past record, m sure that i won’t, simply try to think of some other interesting way and follow it.
why not do what i think is right no matter how crazy or weird others may consider it.
so to hell with the inspirational crap..
to hell with the people around..
and welcome lyff…
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