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into the paulo coelho’s world..

I read his work ‘The Alchemist’ and my brain stopped working. Generally when I finish a book, my mind is flowing with thoughts and ideas and there are so many things that come and go. But at the end of his book; nope, nothing! The mind went blank, but yes the void contained some vague questions and revelations about life, about dreams, about magic and ultimately about god.

The book is about a young boy who starts a journey based on his dream and how his journey ends with his dream coming to reality and all the immense knowledge that he acquires a midst his journey; journey led by his dream.

Nothing too extraordinary to make your mind dumb but still it did. All credits to the way the story has been told. The dream, the wish to go after that dream, confusion regarding the decision whether to continue with the present life or chase what the heart cherishes the most, the ups and downs of the journey, things lost and things gained during the excursion, the magical omens that guide the boy at every instant, the ultimate light that bestows upon the boy or anyone who has has the guts to follow their dreams and of course about the doer of all things, The Almighty.

If I am to sum up all the above mentioned complex things; dream and then follow it; Do every thing that you have to, cross every hurdle and you would be helped; Ultimately you will live your dream and what else could be better!!

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we always had freedom..

At present, am reading Indian National Movement and the movement study really moved me. I mean, as a student i have read all about it (thanks to the history portion in the curriculum), but that was many years back and i probably was in class 7 or 8. But now reading the same things shook me to the heart.

People had literally gifted their lives..

The only cause in their life was complete freedom or PURNA SWARAJ. Different people took different ways to ultimately attain the same goal.

Had we lived at that time, we would have known what the value of independence was..

But we have always been free, have taken independence for granted..

Was this the dream of those eyes that closed themselves to attain freedom, are we creating the INDEPENDENT INDIA of their dreams.. The answer of course, is a big no.. We are nowhere near that dream..

The thing is why?? The thing that was dearer to people more than their life, we are simply wasting it on trifle things. Can’t anything be done regarding this?? And if yes, then what and if no, then why not..

There always is a solution. There is a solution to this problem too, hidden somewhere waiting to be sought..

Want to give my part, just waiting for light which would guide me the way..

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