a 'noT sO greAt' m!nD @ woRk..

my new job

started a new job yet again..
the thing that i hate the most about starting to work at new places; you are all a stranger to a group of people getting along quite well (since all of them share same enemy). starting days are all the same, you go to work, you try to do your work, sit quietly and smile when all others are chit chatting and you’ve even got better gossip and remarks than most of them but you just have to sigh and keep it to yourself; the reason, you are the new girl and don’t yet want to leave your shell and join them.

i don’t know if its the same with all of you but, to me the cycle repeats itself at every new place.

let’s see how long it takes to be the crazy self again.. 😐

the dialogues that i get in my starting days.

“why do you speak so low; we can’t hear you. (well, no comments about that. have been overheard by the very person of whom i am talking so many times that now even ppl don’t mind me and i am considered outspoken.. lol.)

“you speak so little” (i guess my friends would like to answer for me on this.)

and many such that i don’t even care remembering.

my only answer to all the above questions..


बार – बार मैंने आगे बढ़ ,
आज नहीं मांगी हाला,
समझ न लेना इससे मुझको,
साधारण पीनेवाला ,
हो तो लेने दो, ऐ साकी,
दूर प्रथम संकोचों को,
मेरे ही स्वर से फिर सारी,
गूँज उठेगी मधुशाला।



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