a 'noT sO greAt' m!nD @ woRk..

my new job

started a new job yet again..
the thing that i hate the most about starting to work at new places; you are all a stranger to a group of people getting along quite well (since all of them share same enemy). starting days are all the same, you go to work, you try to do your work, sit quietly and smile when all others are chit chatting and you’ve even got better gossip and remarks than most of them but you just have to sigh and keep it to yourself; the reason, you are the new girl and don’t yet want to leave your shell and join them.

i don’t know if its the same with all of you but, to me the cycle repeats itself at every new place.

let’s see how long it takes to be the crazy self again.. 😐

the dialogues that i get in my starting days.

“why do you speak so low; we can’t hear you. (well, no comments about that. have been overheard by the very person of whom i am talking so many times that now even ppl don’t mind me and i am considered outspoken.. lol.)

“you speak so little” (i guess my friends would like to answer for me on this.)

and many such that i don’t even care remembering.

my only answer to all the above questions..


बार – बार मैंने आगे बढ़ ,
आज नहीं मांगी हाला,
समझ न लेना इससे मुझको,
साधारण पीनेवाला ,
हो तो लेने दो, ऐ साकी,
दूर प्रथम संकोचों को,
मेरे ही स्वर से फिर सारी,
गूँज उठेगी मधुशाला।


A regular blogger I am..

Every time  i write a post, i think that now onwards i am going to be regular. i want to write at least 5 posts a week.

and my past history shows exactly the opposite. sometimes i am just flowing with ideas to write and feel like a professional writer and and the other times are like, hmmm.. what should i write??

i have always loved literature, though mostly fiction. i don’t like going for biographies or travelogues or history. novels, stories, drama are all my cup of tea. at the start of every academic year, i would sit with Hindi and English textbooks and read up all the stories, neglecting the poems and essays.

i loved going into the imaginary world of the author and would even spend times pondering over possible other outcomes (mostly for the ones with tragic end) had the characters behaved or acted differently.

poems would also come to my thoughts after they were taught in the school and they were usually like if they had some very good rhyme or a great incident to narrate or simply if i just liked them..

as for my love for writing, the credit goes to the creative writing section of the curriculum. i loved that part and evaluated my writing based on the marks that i got.

here i end my chattering and again decide to write regularly.. 😛

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that mysterious ruin..

i was a seven when my father was posted to Allahabad, a holy city known for the union of three rivers (Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati). my school was at a distance of 20 km from where i lived ( being a choosy one and having studied in Army School till then, i preferred Army School rather than going to other nearby schools).  Another school, Kendriya Vidyalaya was at a walking distance from our school. both the schools had time difference of one hour in their schedule. our school started early. we lived in army area and a school bus was provided by army for the people living there. since the schools were distant from where we lived, there used to be just one army bus for both the school children. so we had one hour to spare after school and that, we spent doing everything imaginable. we would emulate the scenes seen in the superhero serials (of course the ones that were humanly possible), ate all kinds of foods that were available near school, did our homework (wow, but that was rare) and yes, the most fascinating part visited the ruins that were in a good number in the vicinity.

we used to find many things here like old fountain pens, boxing gloves and guards (well, there were many but these are the things that i distinctly remember and m not going to write etc. etc.). our driver uncle once along with all the children visited a castle-like ruin  (because we dared not to go there alone). it started with an empty hall like space with a spiral staircase at the dark end of this space. the spiral due to its construction was entirely dark and going upward clockwise (that again added to the dark element at that time rather than enlightening my brain with the fact that they were built particularly in that manner to avoid being seen and so that the defender (right-handed) can fight while moving down. the stairs and a few rooms were the only part of that ruin which i saw; as i was moving past one room, i imagined hearing something and ran down the stairs and sat in the bus all along. what others told me later (which consisted more of their imagination than reality): some of the stone slabs were missing to trick the enemy to fall down in a chamber that was full of crocodiles; driver uncle just missed one such gap; they even heard the crocodiles moving (as if they were rocking themselves to be heard by the group of children walking one storey above them.


it was one such visit to the ruin that made me really fear them. it was this stadium-like building that had a stage and long rows of bench. me and one other girl (she was in VIII standard) went there, jumped and echoed our voices and then finally when we were stepping out of the building, we saw our bus going away. we ran but it was too far for us to catch it.

i was so freaked out and crying was all that my grown-up mind could think of. the other girl suggested we go to the military hospital nearby where there would a bus for our area (thank god she was in VIII standard and knew these things). we went to the hospital and yeaa, a bus was there.

however, someone spotted us missing and our school bus came to the hospital searching for us and we reached home safely. but that was a dreadful hour that i had spent trying to figure out how to reach home.

and that was the end my expedition to the ruins and after that incident, i was always found near the bus.



some offhand songss..

some of the songs that i just love for their don’t care lyrics and music that is different and theme that just opposes the normal flow of the things..

-> Dum Maro Dum from Hare Krishna Hare Rama; i love this song since the times when i didn’t even know the meaning of ‘Dum’.  this song shows a group of drug addicts vacillating and enjoying the drowsiness of their own world. the son  is all about not caring for the what the world says and doing whatever we think the best.

-> Sadda Haq from Rockstar; a song that opposes the the world for its hypocrisy and ask the people to claim whats theirs; claim the right to speak the truth; claim to do what IS right and not what is considered right; claim the right to follow one’s mind.

-> Khalbali from Rang De Basanti; a song where a group of friends are enjoying themselves along with a stir of mind that comes to them despite their carefree and reckless attitude when they start acting the roles of our freedom fighters.

-> Mera Rang De Basanti Chola from The Legend of Bhagat Singh; the song that Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev sing while they are being taken to be hung till death. even with death at their footsteps, they have no fear, no regrets, no pain. the line that i love th emost is ‘marke kais jeete hai, is duniya ko batalane, tere lal chale hai maiye ab teri laaj bachane..’.

->Bezubaan from ABCD; a scream from the heart who has suffered and lost his dreams to the reality of world.

i am no music expert to comment on the superb music quality or the crescendo or the bass. what i like about the above songs is the careless tone, the attitude and the call to fight for what you think right and go for it.

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A1 rocKsss…. :D

I dedicate this blog to one of the coolest batch, I ever had during my entire academic life…A1 and especially to the creator of the ‘A1 rocKsss…’ phrase, Saavan(sA1, as he liked to address himself, :p).
The batch consisted of a bunch of souls that were interested in doing anything but what the teacher said. Some would choose a corner seat and start following their religion viz. gossip, some would stick their nose to the computer and go on exploring the unending world of THE COMPUTERS (sometimes even without the Internet, lol) and some would just dedicate their full attention to each and every motion of everybody, interpreting them and then having fun from it.
We were always lagging in assignments and tutorials and practical and most of us believed in plagiarism, so we needed just a day or two to finish off all our assignments, which often was an abridged version of the others’ work.
I consider myself really really lucky to have got such a batch during my engineering days, how else could I have got through the tedious and never-ending labs..
A1 really rocked, no no no..

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my mummy’s sopa de tomate!

For past few days, every evening I make tomato soup for my mother.
The reason, she thinks that it helps to improve her appetite and the cause through which she found it was that one fine day, my father thought of making tomato soup just for fun in his leisure time. his leisure became my tedium. :p
Well, it won’t last long, if considered her previous such practices.
She took to exercise once in which she was very regular, skipping every other day for no reason. This lasted for an entire fortnight. Too long a time compared to her ‘after dinner walks’ which ceased in two days. haha!!
Last winter, she took amla (indian gooseberry) juice, which ended soon followed by all vegetable juice.. YUKK..
Well , lets see how long the tomatoes remain on her chart!
And it seems that I am totally following her example. ( After all heredity is some thing :p)
Its my record too that I can’t keep any of my resolution more than a month. I have tried studying sincerely from the school’s first day(which I always have failed disastrously), using paper bags, look after the very few plants that i have (at present, none of them can be called alive) and the biggest one is the fact that my longest job was of 2 and a half months ( either I leave or they fire me).
But whatever it may be, I enjoy my and my mother’s ineffable actions..
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The First Ones..

The first one..A phrase which almost every one of us has not just used or heard or read but has lived. So, here’s to my first blog. Didn’t know where to start and what to write, so thought why not just dedicate the first one to the memory of some of the first ones of our life..

First day in school coz i don’t remember anything before that, :p
I was crying standing in front of the building where i was to spend time laughing and kicking..

First friend: Didn’t knew how to define a friend. Don’t know even now but ’twas something special, one with whom I was to, am and will always share my stupidity and all the devilish pranks..

First love proposal which I myself didn’t experience but which I’ve experienced more than anything in life. During high school and college days, everybody was in love, so had enough of all such scenes, the “ooooh, he is so smart” and “aah, here she comes” and the YESs and the NOs.

First Job, First Boss, First Salary: This I’ve had enough experience. Have done so many jobs(but never stayed more than a month or two) but nothing compared to the first ones. Was so docile and obedient, did whatever task boss gave and a truly sincere one. The first salary was like, like the world at your feet. You having your own earnings, nothing comparable to that..

So, these are some of The First Ones that I could remember,  but would love to add to the list..

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